Link download các bài nhạc trong JMC 2 (ko có trong CD)

JMC2-MIDI files

JMC2-WAV files

Note: đối với link download file WAV, xin quý phụ huynh vui lòng tải hết các part về, rồi extract ra bằng phần mềm WinRAR.


It’s just awesome!!! Click here to download the PDF file : AllOfMe-byJonSchmidt

This is the mini version of electone StageA. Its ability is beyond what you could see from its appearance…

Christmas is coming, so why don’t you try to play one (or even more) Christmas song for your classmates, and your family.

I hope you will love Electone like me. It’s a wonderful musical instrument.

Download here :



Here is the second book about the Improvisation ElectoneBook-Improvisation2

The improvisation section in the Yamaha grade 5 Performance examination is a big challenge for every candidate.

I would like to share this book and hope it would be useful for your exam.

Click here to download the book ElectoneBook-Improvisation1

Click here to download the entire  CD album for JXC 1: JXC1-CDAlbum1

Note: Just download all parts from the link above, then Right click on”JXC1.part01.rar” -> choose “Extract files…”